RONO Maschinenbau have more than 25 years’ experience and expertise in the design and manufacture of high pressure Scraped Surface Heat Exchangers, SSHE Pasteurizers, Pin Workers and rework PHE systems. These systems are used for the pasteurization and crystallization of spreads such as margarine, shortening or other edible fats. Emulsifying systems and batch processing equipment are also available.
Continuous Sterilizers for Cans, Bottles, Pouches and Ready Meals & High Pressure Pasteurizers. They can process all kinds of packagings in medium to large production scales. The modular design of the machines is adaptable and can be upgraded depending on packaging requirements.
CHR. Bock & Sohn
Chr. Bock & Sohn is the worldwide market leader in the manufacture of packaging machines for industrial food fats. They have been developing and building machines for over 80 years, across 65 countries. The range of equipment includes; Dosing systems, Wrapping systems, cartonisers, palletisers and transport systems.
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