Container Unscramblers

Prepare your bottles for filling with our container unscramblers

Our bottle and container unscramblers are used in the packaging industry to streamline the process of preparing bottles for filling.

By eliminating manual sorting, bottle unscramblers increase production speed, reduce labour costs, and minimize errors. They are commonly employed in industries like beverage, pharmaceuticals, and personal care, where high-speed and accurate bottle handling is crucial.

Breitner manufacture top of the range unscramblers that automate the task of sorting and orienting bottles, ensuring they are in the correct position for the filling process. 

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Unscramblers handle various shapes and sizes, making them incredibly

Breitner  unscramblers are efficient, simple to operate and maintain, highly flexible and economical to buy and run. They offer 3 different option, each integrated with pucks, with low volume and gentle bottle handling features that can be equipped with bottle turning stations.

BFA – cost effective version with rates up to 150bpm depending on container shape and size

Container hopper is separate to machine, so increasing adaptability

Very simple HMI operation and quick format change overs

Wide range of container shapes and sizes – up to 3 Litre

BFC – Compacted integrated hopper design with rates up to 200 bpm – depending on container shape and size

Container De-ionized air rinse station option

Only 3 format change parts for 10 minute product change over times

BFL – Output capable of 350 bpm

Container hopper sizes up to 13 cubic meters

Compact design compared to other manufactures machines capable of same rates.

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