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Parcel & Postal Sortation

Optimise and streamline the process of sorting and categorising mail.

These machines use advanced technologies to increase operational efficiency, reduce manual labour requirements, minimise errors, and improve the speed and accuracy of sorting and routing operations.

Our range includes eCommerce packaging solutions from Sitma that allow customers to wrap – while also addressing environmental concerns – with speeds of up to 3,500 packages per hour. 

Whether in a busy distribution center or an e-commerce warehouse, Sitma equipment optimizes the flow of parcels, reducing errors and speeding up delivery times. It adapts to the ever-evolving demands of the shipping industry, making it an indispensable tool for businesses seeking to enhance their supply chain operations and meet the growing demand for rapid, reliable deliveries.


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Paper and poly options for mail outs

Sitma are at the forefront of paper wrapping machinery. Paper wrapping enhances the presentation and protection of ecommerce products, streamlines the packaging process, and improves overall customer satisfaction by ensuring safe and appealing deliveries.

The drop and pockets sorter from Sitma is perfect for distributing books and flat items. While the tilt trays and cross-belt sorters are ideal for highspeed shrink wrapping.

Sitma parcel sortation equipment is a cutting-edge solution revolutionising the logistics industry. With advanced technology and precision engineering, it streamlines the sorting and distribution of parcels, ensuring maximum efficiency and accuracy. These systems employ conveyor belts, automated diverters, and intelligent software to categorise and route packages based on size, weight, destination, or other criteria. 

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