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Case erecting and packing - we guide you through your end-of-line automation choices.

End-of-line automation for food, beverage, personal care, household care, pharmaceutical, automotive, industrial products and hardware industries. We offer a full range of case erectors, case packers and case sealers. Our case packers are suitable for wrapping and protecting bottles, jars, cans, plastic containers, cartons, pouches, or bags. They are available in top, side or bottom loading, with pick and place options and also in robotic and mechanical, standalone and monoblock versions. Finally, we offer case sealers for either glue or tape closure.

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Why chose E&B for your case packing requirements:

Customisation: Our range of case packers can be customised to meet specific packaging needs. Whether it’s adjusting for different case sizes, packaging configurations, or production speeds, these machines can be tailored to suit various requirements.

Quality: Robust construction and precision engineering ensuring consistent performance and high-quality case packing results.

Versatility: The case packing equipment can handle a wide range of products and packaging types. Whether it’s corrugated cases, trays, or cartons, these machines can accommodate diverse packaging needs.

Support and Service: excellent customer support and service. This includes installation assistance, training, and ongoing maintenance to ensure optimal performance and minimise disruptions to production.

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