Polymer Testing

Aboni specialises in the moisture testing of plastics. They manufacture equipment that analyses the residual water content in solids. and have over than 25 years of experience in the field of moisture measurement. All the specific components are developed in house. The final assembly, initial calibration and commissioning of all products is made at their manufacturing facilities in Schwielowsee, 30 km south-west of Berlin.
Axxicon focusses on 5 main product groups: Microfluidics, Ultra Precision Parts, AIM™ Quick Change Mold, Optical Media and Polymer Optics. Axxicon has produced high-tech injection moulds for decades and these are exported to customers globally.
Collin Lab and Pilot Solutions
From laboratory table equipment to pilot plants. Collin Lab and Pilot Solutions has over 45 years of experience. They develop and design continuous modularity – expandable systems, production-tested technology, solutions for processes - from concept to the finished product and customised solutions. They also offer intelligent pilot & laboratory machinery in the modular system for plastics processing companies & research institutions. Equipment includes highly flexible extrusion downstream equipment for flat films & plates, blown film lines in a compact design, lines for mono & biaxial stretching and pipe extrusion lines for laboratory and pilot productions.
Karg Industrietechnik manufactures and sells instruments to measure the rheological, physical, electrical and thermal properties of polymer materials including instruments for specimen preparation.
Leading premium manufacturer of rubber testing instruments and laboratory solutions. Their machinery is engineered and manufactured entirely in Germany according to highest quality standards. They produce an extensive range of rubber testing and specimen preparation devices including their Mooney Viscometer, MDR and RPA instruments.
PermTech supply a unique range of permeability testing instruments for oxygen, carbon dioxide & water vapour both as individual and as a combination of gas measurements in a single device. They are experts in the design of instruments for the measurement of permeability of gases and vapours through films and other packaging.
Xplore is the front runner in developing, producing and marketing micro compounding and shaping instruments. These instruments are utilized for formulation development and screening of polymer materials and blends, polymer compounds, biomedical applications, low bioavailable or slow release pharmaceuticals (HME), energetic materials and nutritional products.
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