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Innovative poly film wrapping equipment for ultimate product security

Poly film wrapping is a popular packaging solution for magazines, newspapers, and direct mail. This thin, transparent plastic film offers numerous benefits, including protection against moisture, dust, and tearing during transit. Its lightweight nature ensures cost-effective shipping while maintaining visibility of the enclosed content. Poly film wrapping also provides an additional layer of security and enhances the overall presentation of printed materials. 

Sitma poly film wrapping lines are used and endorsed by market leaders in the mailing, magazines and newspaper industries.  Their equipment can also shrink wrap a variety of packages in different shapes and sizes and is extremely versatile.

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Popular packaging machinery solution for magazines, newspapers, and direct mail

Poly film wrapping machinery plays a crucial role in the packaging process for magazines. newspapers and direct mail. Designed specifically for efficiency and precision, these machines automate the wrapping process, saving time and labour costs.

They ensure consistent and professional packaging, tightly sealing poly film around printed materials. Advanced features like adjustable speed, size versatility, and integrated controls make poly film wrapping machinery highly adaptable to various production needs. With their reliability and productivity, these machines streamline packaging operations, ensuring high-quality and secure packaging for magazines and direct mail.

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