Batch Cooking

Take industrial batch cooking to the next level with RONO's RBS vacuum and RKM processing systems.

Game-changing, process system for batch cooking that is designed to simplify and streamline the cooking process specifically for the production of soups, stews, sausage, meat products, rice, noodles, baby food, many other products.

The cooking process uses direct steam injection and can operate under vacuum and overpressure.

Rono’s batch cookers are versatile, efficient, and reliable. These advanced machines are capable of handling large volumes of food, making them ideal for commercial kitchens, catering services, and food production facilities.

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Maintain the desired structure, flavour and colour of your product

The system operates under vacuum and its high efficiency enables short production times for high volumes. It ensures optimum retention of colour, flavour and structure in your product, without risk of caking or cooking loss and with extra fast CIP/SIP cleaning. 

Its user-friendly interface allows for easy programming and monitoring, while its robust construction guarantees durability and longevity. The process container works at 3 positions: 0° loading, 30° mixing and 100° emptying.

As standard, the mixture is designed to be filled and emptied into standard containers via a lifting and tilting mechanism. The various ingredients could be metered directly from hoppers via an inductive flow meter or/and a mass flow meter.

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