Save resources with cartoners that automatically pick up and erect cartons, feed, collate and insert or dose the product

Our cartoning machines from Cariba and Betti are suitable for packing powder, granules, solid objects and bag-in-box applications for use in all consumer goods industries including food, snacks, heath care, personal care, household products and DIY.

The systems are adaptable and can be modified to work with different products. We can help you to source the right cartoning machine – whether it’s side load or topload, horizontal or vertical – with either intermittent or continuous motion – the choice is yours.

Our partners

We offer a range of vertical cartoning machines from Cariba, manufacturers of intermittent motion and continuous motion, horizontal and vertical cartoners.

The cartoners are suitable for manual or automatic feeding of pharmaceutical, nutraceutical, cosmetic and food products into pre-glued cartons. Top-load, intermittent motion cartoning machine, featuring raised conveyor bed designed for easy cleaning, with no hiding spots for rogue product to hide. Positive carton pick-up and forming, with controlled carton transportation based on adjustable belt system and coated guides to eliminate marking on components.

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