AiCROV is an innovative and dynamic company in the design, manufacturing, maintenance and optimisation of liquid filling systems. They fill large-format containers, drums and IBC’s 1 litre to 1500 litres and productivity up to 4,000 containers per hour, with accuracy and precision of up to 5 grams.
Breitner has been manufacturing packaging machinery for liquid products for over 50 years and have a wealth of experience servicing the food, cosmetic, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. The impressive range of machines include unscramblers, loading tables, rotary and linear fillers, puck systems and closing machines with outputs of 10-360 containers per minute
Cariba offer a wide range of cartoners, lid-closing machines, forming machines, bundlers, case-packers, and palletisers. Their equipment can be used with either complete or integrated packaging lines . Based in Bologna, Italy for over 40 years CARIBA provide automatic packaging machines for various industries including: Pharmaceutical, Cosmetic, Nutritional, Food, Home Care, Hygiene and Consumer Electronics.
Trading for over 30 years from Italy this industry leading manufacturer designs and manufacturers top loading case packers, case erectors, case sealers, tray packers and gantry palletisers. They supply their packaging equipment to a range of sectors including food, drinks, home care, personal care and pharma. Whatever the size of your business F.A.M.S will have something that can help your end of line automation. Their equipment is supplied globally to large corporates as well as SMEs.
Intamac Packaging Systems
Stickpack (Stick Pack) and Sachet solutions from Intamac Packaging Systems (IPS) offer a range of options for companies looking to pack small volumes of product. They also offer a selection of flow wrapping machines that are suitable for a wide range of products.
IntegraJet offer a range of Ink Jet systems for various industries including direct mail, elogistics, ecommerce and packaging. The systems are simple to use, with Vega software, and no specialist training is required.
LITA design and manufacture top-quality palletising and depalletising systems for a range of industries. Their markets include food, beverage, personal care, household products, chemical and more. Each system is designed for its individual application. Based on your specified task we configure the most suitable option for your project requirements, these could include layer, gantry, articulated arm or robotic systems.
Sema Systemtechnik
Specialist manufacturers of secondary packaging systems for the dairy industry. Sema equipment includes Tray Erecting, Tray Packing, Case Packing & Sleeving machinery either as free standing equipment or integrated with up-stream machinery.
Cartoners, case packers and end of line packaging machinery for various sectors: food (pasta, coffee, tea, dairy, cereals, confectionery, frozen food, ready meals), tobacco, personal care and detergents, pet food, chemical industry (glue, concrete, plaster, cat litter), agriculture (fertilizers and seeds). Customised and tailored solutions to address different demands and increase production capacity in complete safety. Ultimate efficiency and quality at all stages of the production line.
Sitma design e-logistics and direct mail packaging machinery. Working from Modena, Italy their engineers develop innovative and ground-breaking automated solutions. They are renowned for building and selling complete solutions for packaging automation, post-press, direct mail and e-logistics. With more than 9,000 units installed worldwide into newspaper, magazine, book and direct mail and intralogistics industries.
Technowrapp specialises in the production of wrapping devices using stretchable film for palletized loads. The current range includes: rotating table machines, rotating arm machines rotating ring machines. Various options are available for conveyors, cover sheets and load transport devices.
VMS-Maschinenbau GmbH have 3 key product lines; CUPLine filling products, CUPLine performance and CUPLine packaging. The Cupline Model offers the highest level of hygiene standards and is a continuous motion, high performance (even with low viscosity products) fully servo driven system. They can offer Ultra Clean and Aseptic services making their products suitable for all types of food including dairy products, high-care drinks and baby food.
Volpak are the leading manufacturer in horizontal form-fill-seal equipment for sachets and stand-up pouches suitable for both wet and dry products. Specialities include; shaped pouches, in-line zippers, spouts and caps, gas flushing, laminar flow cabinets and fully aseptic systems. Also available is a range of high quality vertical form-fill-seal equipment for a wide range of pouch designs and products. The range is complemented by cartoning, case packing and project management of turnkey packages. They have recently developed a 100% recyclable paper pouch.
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