Sleeving Machine – Cardboard

Designed for packing primary packaged products and creating multipacks (clusters) from flat blanks

A cardboard sleeving machine is a versatile packaging solution that efficiently applies cardboard sleeves to various products. It automates the process, ensuring precise and consistent sleeve placement, saving time and labour costs. Machinery can handle different sizes and shapes of products, offering flexibility and enhancing packaging efficiency particularly in the food packaging industry.

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Multi Pack & Carton Sleever

Sema carton sleevers are multi-functional, compact systems for re-packaging primary packaged products in cardboard sleeves (clusters), trays or crates. The finely tuned modular design has been designed for wet operation.


  • Packing of FS cups, FFS cups and bottles
  • Speed: up to 50,000 primary packaged products per hour
  • Processing of full sleeves, head sleeves, drop-in sleeves and partial sleeves
  • Stand-alone series for integration into packaging lines
  • Avoidance of interfaces thanks to integrated overall concept (sleeve wrapper, package transport and packer in one machine)
  • Product feed system with gentle product handling
  • Usage of maintenance-free sema two-axle robot with formatflexible gripping/ picking system
  • User-friendly due to low magazine loading height
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