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Safe and secure solutions for strapping direct mail bundles

Strapping machinery plays a significant role in the direct mail industry by providing secure and efficient packaging solutions.

Strapping machines from Schneider Ozga enhance the integrity of direct mail packages, minimising the risk of damage or loss, and streamlining the packaging process for bulk mailings. They help to ensure that direct mail arrives in pristine condition, maximising its impact and effectiveness.

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Perfect for bundles of newspapers, magazines and commercial printers


  • strap capacity up to 40 single straps per minute
  • bundle size L x W x H max. 510 x 560 x 400 mm
  • designs for 5, 6,35 or 7 mm strap
  • easy cleaning because of doors at all four sides
  • double press frame (Alum)
  • double stop bars
  • minimal maintenance
  • energy saving, standby function
  • able to combine with all other machines to form a strapping line
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