Bundle & Shrink Wrapping

Shrink Bundle Wrappers


The reliable bundle wrapper for bindery and mailrooms.

The 740-LTR can totally enclose bundles on all four sides at speeds of up to 25 bundles per minute. The 740-LTR’s side sealing system provides a total enclosure for bundles up to 150 mm high.

Bundle of over 150 mm will be securely sleeve-wrapped. With an accurate photo-electric eye, the 740-LTR will sense the difference between bundle heights and automatically disengage the side sealers. The 740 LTR also evacuates film scrap as it seals with a vacuum system that stores it in a collection bin for easy recycling.

Effective and smart product protection with bundle and shrink wrapping

Benefits of shrink wrapping include adding an extra layer of protection against damage, moisture, and tampering. Bundle and shrink wrapping for direct mail not only maintains the integrity of the contents but also presents a professional and polished appearance, increasing the chances of engagement and response from recipients.

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