Reel Handling

Reel Spool Handling Trolley

CBE 1000 (1000kg) CBE 1250 (1250kg) CBE 1500 (1500kg) The top line of BESCO trolley production. All trolleys are electic and powered by rechargeable batteries, using a simple acting hydraulic lift.

The main technical features are: Loading platform for spool or reel equipped with an anchor plate operated by a hydraulic control which allows the spool to be locked in place during transport. Safety device system with push-button control. For safety there is an operator anti-crushing system, driving wheel protection and the engine lock acts as a parking brake. All of the controls are easily reached on the handle bar. The batteries are fully rechargeable and a suitable recharging device is provided. In the event of the hydraulic hose failing there is an anti-fall valve incorporated into the cylinder, preventing the loading platform from falling.

Various options are available including; side shift and extra lifting height to 1300mm.
Besco also produce manual lifting trolleys.

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