Why choose a Thermal Ink Jet System (TIJ) over other Industrial Printer Options?

There are a number of options for available for manufacturers looking to date/batch code or add other graphics to their products. These options include Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ), Laser Printing, Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO) and Thermal Inkjet Printers (TIJ). Each system has its positives and negatives. CIJ Systems are now accepted as being messy, expensive […]

Engelmann & Buckham adds to Portfolio of Manufacturers for E-commerce and warehouse solution Equipment

Engelmann & Buckham (E&B), who already represent Sitma, Italian manufacturers of sortation equipment, have been carefully selecting e-commerce and warehouse solution manufacturers to become their partners in the UK and Ireland. Driven by demand from their customers the objective was to offer solutions that would reinvent their current warehouse automation. Three new manufacturers have now […]

ECommerce packaging and the growth of the UK Clothing and Footwear Market

Online retail sales have more than tripled in the UK over the past 10 years (Retail Economics). Retail businesses are increasingly realising that to survive they need to have a strong online presence backed up by an efficient logistics strategy. Buying online has evolved from being solely for the big chains such as Amazon, Marks […]

Reducing the Environmental Impact of your Ecommerce Business and Distribution

There is no doubt that ecommerce businesses boomed during lockdown. Companies that were considering setting up or expanding their online offerings have been forced to move quickly and develop their systems in order to survive. Whilst this has been really positive for many businesses that otherwise would not have survived the pandemic, it has also […]

Montech Rubber Testing Equipment Upgrades Fenner Precisions Laboratory

Following the acquisition of Fenner Precision, a global leader in advanced silicone rubber products, by Michelin in 2018, the company has been benefiting from a wave of investment across the organisation including upgrades to its onsite laboratory through to the implementation of in-house material compounding.  As part of this investment, in 2019 Fenner Precision contacted […]

A Guide to the Equipment commonly used for Liquid Filling and Capping Chemicals and Agro-chemicals in the UK

The equipment used for filling and capping chemicals and agro-chemicals can also be used across a number of other industries including food, cosmetics, some pharmaceuticals and household. However, it is important to distinguish the different requirements needed for the chemical and agro-chemical industries, such the ability to fill containers with sometimes dangerous or corrosive liquids […]

Paper Wrapping into the future, the perfect alternative to Poly?

There is no denying that the past two years has seen a huge shake up to the basic core of direct mail. David Attenborough’s documentary was the catalyst that the market needed to make fundamental changes across the industry and our customers have risen to the challenge. At E&B we have spent the past two […]

Mailing Solutions Provider praises E&B Engineers

We have had a busy few weeks here at E&B, so it always good to arrive in the office to a complimentary email from one of our customers, about our engineers. Nigel Crossley, Breeze Ltd, a mailing solutions provider wrote, “I spoke with one of your engineers on Thursday of last week. As previously the […]

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