Engelmann & Buckham (E&B), who already represent Sitma, Italian manufacturers of sortation equipment, have been carefully selecting e-commerce and warehouse solution manufacturers to become their partners in the UK and Ireland. Driven by demand from their customers the objective was to offer solutions that would reinvent their current warehouse automation.

Three new manufacturers have now signed agreements with E&B including:

Scallog – based in France, offer a comprehensive Robotics & Software solution for the automation of e-commerce, retail and industrial logistics platforms.

Skilled Group – an Italian manufacturer and integrator, active in the field of industrial automation. The Skilled® brand identifies the end of line and the internal material handling product range, and it includes robotic palletizers, automated guided vehicles and conveyors, all suitable to any industrial sector.

Trascar – also Italian manufacturers, who design automatic palletizing systems, transport systems, automatic industrial warehouses, picking and final dispatching solutions, for any need in the field of industrial automatic handling.

These manufacturers, plus E&B’s offering from Sitma, mean that they now have an extensive range of equipment, covering automated picking, pack, sortation, and dispatch, for e-logistics customers.

Richard MacLean, director, E&B is looking forward to promoting the new manufacturers,

“We are delighted to have found such a strong selection of manufacturers to compliment our Sitma equipment. Customers have been asking us to supply a wider range of warehousing solutions for a while but we wanted to make sure we had the right partners to offer them. With Scallog, Trascar and Skilled Group we know that we can help our customers to achieve their warehousing goals.”

E&B provide systems for the automation of logistics and manufacturing sites. Systems include AMR, ASRS, gantry buffers & picking, AGVs, robots, automated packaging systems, sortation and outbound trailer filling. Established in 1950 they have evolved from direct mail specialists to now offering full systems for E-commerce and automated warehouse channels. Please contact rmaclean@buckham.co.uk for more information or call 01420 593680