There are a number of options for available for manufacturers looking to date/batch code or add other graphics to their products. These options include Continuous Ink Jet (CIJ), Laser Printing, Thermal Transfer Overprinters (TTO) and Thermal Inkjet Printers (TIJ). Each system has its positives and negatives.


CIJ Systems are now accepted as being messy, expensive and generally inefficient because of the way the ink is distributed, loaded and stored. Laser printing is effective but it comes with a range of Health and Safety issues. TTO printing is great for high speed printing but is fiddly to use and run. Here at E&B we continue to point our customers in the direction of TIJ printers and many of our customers are seeing the benefits of this simple but effective solution on a daily basis.

Manufacturers are always looking to enhance production efficiencies and reduce costs. They often have a wide range considerations around choosing the most suitable inkjet printer for their product marking systems. Questions raised include, how easy is the inkjet system to operate? How much does it cost? Is it versatile and will it require training? How much do the parts cost to replace?

Some of the key benefits of Thermal ink jet (TIJ) printing include:

  • Initial purchase price – Thermal inkjet printers are a cost effective alternative to CIJ. The systems are less complicated and more compact, meaning that they are often cost up to 5 x less than their CIJ counterparts.
  • Print resolution – the TIJ systems offer a far superior print quality over CIJ. For example the IntegraJet system from E&B can offer up to 1200 DPI print resolution – meaning an exceptional print finish – perfect for readable barcodes, dates and other graphics.
  • Maintenance – the fact that these Thermal inkjet systems require no maintenance has made many manufacturers true converts to the TIJ way. If you don’t have to repair your system then you don’t have to stop your line or worry about bottlenecks. There will be less downtime on your production lines and the system will only require speedy ink cartridge changes.
  • Service contracts – you can say goodbye to expensive service contracts once you have installed your TIJ printers. Production can continue to run and manufacturers won’t need to rely on external vendors to come and fix the CIJ printers. This offers great flexibility, as well as cost savings.
  • Footprint – the Thermal inkjet footprint fits neatly and easily into your production line, meaning that you can integrate the system wherever you like in the production process. There are less options with CIJ because of their larger footprint, which makes them less attractive to manufacturers.
  • Mess – no matter how hard the operator tries the CIJ systems will always create mess when topping up ink or during changeovers. The TIJ systems offer just a simple ink cartridge change, with no mess, minimal storage requirements and a quick return to the line running again.

These are just some of the reasons why TIJ is the preferred choice for printing barcodes, data matrix, and variable data on an ever increasing range of products.

E&B recently introduced a new range of high speed, high performance thermal ink jet (TIJ) products to the UK market through their brand IntegraJet . The system can offer the following benefits;

  • Intuitive Vega Software
  • TIJ 4.0 Print solution
  • Print speeds up to 2400fpm
  • Print width at 22mm per head
  • Built in bulk ink solution
  • Greater throw distance
  • Higher efficiency

Developed in association with the HP the IT-PC22 has an increased throw distance and a speed that is 4 time faster than TIJ.

E&B are also able to offer a comprehensive range of inks. Call us to discuss the best option for your business, depending on the application, volume and drying times. 01420 593680.