In November 2019 Abstrakt Services will take delivery of  the market-leading Sitma W1005-PK wrapping machine. This machine is a hybrid that can handle both poly and paper wrapping – which will provide Abstrakt’s customers with total flexibility. The machine will be the first in the country to offer the ground breaking ‘Half Wrap’ solution. A truly unique alternative to a paper band or poly wrapping. This innovative design offers protection to the news stand copies whilst also enabling advertising opportunities on the paper wrap surface.

Abstrakt is a family owned business with over 31 years of market experience  and prides itself on working closely with its customers to help them achieve their targets. Abstrakt’s success, is upheld by strong family values and ethical working practices, as well as a commitment to reducing its impact on the environment. This recent investment in machinery renews Abstrakt long standing commitment to it loyal customer base, that it willlead the way in providing innovative and eco-friendly services.

With over 67 000 square feet of high tech, operational, warehousing space they already have the space and expertise to accommodate this new offering for its clients.

‘This is a very exciting time for Abstrakt. We have worked hard to find a machine that is able to provide an alternative to poly wrapping, said Adam Qazi, Head of Strategic and Commercial Planning, Abstrakt Services, ‘Our customers ultimately want choice. There are now so many more environmental alternatives for wrapping and the Sitma W1005-PK means that we can offer a traditional poly wrap solution, a compostable/recyclable poly solution or our customers can use paper wrap’.

Iain Buckham, Chairman, Engelmann & Buckham, who are the exclusive sales agents in the UK and Ireland for Sitma, has been working closely with them to find the right solution for the UK market. “Sitma are a key player in the wrapping machine business, with over 50 years in the industry. They have invested heavily in the technology to develop new equipment to meet paper wrapping demand and are proud of the W1005-PK solution. The ‘Half Wrap’ solution meets so many of our customers requirements and we are delighted that Abstrakt have seen it’s potential and will be able to offer this solution to their customers.”