Rubber Testing

Brabender Elatest – Rubber Density Measurement

Automatic determination of the density by means of sample weight and volume. The Brabender Elatest® determines the density of polymers, in particular of rubber and unvulcanised rubber compounds – a decisive importance for rubber processing, both during recipe development and for continuous production control.

The sample material is compressed in the measuring cylinder. Any gas contained in the sample escapes during this compression process. Under a pre-set pressure, the moving piston reaches a position which is specific for each individual sample, i.e. the sample is compressed to its specific volume. The stroke of the piston is measured by a displacement transducer and transmitted to the computer.
From the sample weight and volume, the computer automatically calculates the density. The software is user-friendly and is operated via a touchscreen. Excellent reproducibility of the measured values, easy handling, and the reliability make the Elatest® best suited both, for production control and for research and development.

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