Gas Permeability

TotalPerm O2, CO2 and H20 all in one

The PermTech TotalPerm is the only instrument on the market, based on patented technology, that performs permeability measurements on three different kinds of gases. TotalPerm is offered with three different sensors for oxygen, carbon dioxide and water vapour. In this way TotalPerm has the ability to characterise the barrier properties of the film with three different gases testing exactly the same surface, avoiding the need to substitute the sample.

With the PermTech TotalPerm it is possible to measure plastic films, monolayer or multi-layer barrier films, metallised or with surface coating, laminated or co-extruded, especially those used for food, beverage, pharmaceutical and electronics packaging applications.
TotalPerm, as well as performing tests of permeability through thin films, can be equipped with modular accessories to carry out measurements on packaging containers of various types such as bag-inbox, PET bottles and packages.
TotalPerm stands as the ideal solution for companies that produce or use barrier packaging and want the highest performance in a single instrument at competitive prices. The special software TotalPerm ExtraSolution® guarantees maximum simplicity of operation.
You can plan a list of measurements on the same sample using different gases and conditions which are then run automatically by the software.
Choosing TotalPerm is the best choice that makes life in the laboratory easier and reduces both costs and space.
Why buy three different instruments if you can do all the measurements you need using simply one TotalPerm?



Test range O2

0.01-1000 cm3·m-2·24h-1·bar-1 (unmasked) 0.2-25000 cm3·m-2·24h-1·bar-1 (masked)

Test range H2O

0.002-100 g·m-2·24h-1·bar-1 (unmasked) 0.04-2000 g·m-2·24h-1·bar-1 (masked)

Test Sample Size

50 cm2 – About 2,5 mm thickness max

Test temperature range

10-50° C

Relative humidity (N2 side)


Relative humidity O2 (O2 side)

0, 5-95%

Relative humidity H2O (wet side)


Carrier flow (N2)

10-36 ml/min automatically controlled

Carrier gas

N2 5.0 +1% H2 mix

O2 purity gas

Purity ≥ 99,95%

N2 pressure

2.0 bar

O2 pressure

1.5 bar

Gas connections

2 Standard Ham-Let 1/8″


LabView based with USB interface

PC with preinstalled software

WindowsTM OS and LCD monitor

Power supply

100-220 AC, 50-60 Hz

Apparatus size (cm)

41 W / 61D / 31 H

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