Gas Permeability

PermTech Carbo Pack CO2 Carbon Dioxide Permeability Analyser

PermTech Carbon dioxide permeability tester. PermTech’s new product for testing shelf-life of bottles or containers filled with carbonated beverages.

Now it is possible to perform non-destructive tests on a single bottle in an extremely short time (about 1 hour) to know the amount of loss of carbon dioxide in a day. The instrument is fully automatic and is able to perform both leakages (i.e. from the stopper) and gas permeation through the plastic material of which the testing object is constituted. CarboPack BT displays graphic results of the permeation and the forecast shelf-life. Like all other PermTech instruments, this product stands out at the top of the category both for performance (resolution 0.0013 cm3·24h-1) and for the user friendly interface. To operate the instrument there is no need for any specific technical skills. A few hours of training are all that is needed. The instrument is equipped with PC, 17” LCD display and colour ink-jet printer.



Test range O2

0.01-1000 cm3·m-2·24h-1·bar-1 (unmasked) 0.2-25000 cm3·m-2·24h-1·bar-1 (masked)

Test range H2O

0.002-100 g·m-2·24h-1·bar-1 (unmasked) 0.04-2000 g·m-2·24h-1·bar-1 (masked)

Test Sample Size

50 cm2 – About 2,5 mm thickness max

Test temperature range

10-50° C

Relative humidity (N2 side)


Relative humidity O2 (O2 side)

0, 5-95%

Relative humidity H2O (wet side)


Carrier flow (N2)

10-36 ml/min automatically controlled

Carrier gas

N2 5.0 +1% H2 mix

O2 purity gas

Purity ≥ 99,95%

N2 pressure

2.0 bar

O2 pressure

1.5 bar

Gas connections

2 Standard Ham-Let 1/8″


LabView based with USB interface

PC with preinstalled software

WindowsTM OS and LCD monitor

Power supply

100-220 AC, 50-60 Hz

Apparatus size (cm)

41 W / 61D / 31 H

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