Thermoforming machines – FOCUS

From cups, bowls, lids and clamshell packaging through to plant pots and coffee capsules – whatever you wish to produce, Gabler have the ideal thermoforming solution for every application. The thermoforming systems in Gabler’s product lines offer their own advantages – depending on the requirements and ambient conditions in production and the product category.

Our FOCUS machine series is designed to specifically meet the demands of production in multi-station operation. The FOCUS line adapts flexibly to all production demands thanks to multi-station construction. The machines are optimally tuned to the production of bowls, lids and clamshell packaging and provide the widest scope for variants with their steel-rule technology.

Technical features of the FOCUS line

Multi-station construction in three standard sizes
Fast tool-changing
Steel-rule cutting tools with long service life thanks to stable forming station and drive system
Double-toggle technology in combination with servo drives, resulting in precise and quick movements and smooth machine performance
Solid steel/cast-steel constructions give individual stations high stability
State-of-the-art control combined with large-format touch panels for optimum visualisation
Use of existing tools after the necessary technical inspection possible

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