MDR 3000 Basic Rheometer

Rubber Testing The MonTech MDR 3000 Basic is the easiest to operate and most cost-effective way to determine viscoelastic properties of polymers and rubber compounds before, during and after cure. The acquired data gives exact information about processability, cure characteristics, cure speed and the behavior of the compound after-cure, as well as optional pressure measurement […]

Rubber Hardness Tester HT3000

Rubber Testing MonTech Rubber Hardness Tester Series HT 3000 Hardness (resistance to indentation) is one of the most important properties of rubber products and parts. MonTech therefore offers a full range of handheld and benchtop precision hardness testers according to various scales and standards. This includes devices according to Shore: A, A0, B, C, D, […]

Laboratory Rubber Press LP3000

Rubber Testing All MonTech LP 3000 laboratory presses are equipped with a closed circuit, low-noise integrated hydraulic system requiring as low as 8 to 15 Liters of oil in the whole press, operating at a pressure of up to 400 Bars, making the press very durable and energy efficient at the same time. All LP […]

D-RPA Dynamic Rubber Process Analyser

Rubber Testing The MonTech D-RPA 3000 is designed for measuring the viscoelastic properties of polymers and elastomeric compounds before, during and after cure. The acquired data gives exact information about the processability, cure characteristics, cure speed, and behaviour of the compound at the after-cure. The D-RPA 3000 fulfils the complete range of all test requirements; […]

Mooney Viscometer MV-3000

Rubber Testing One of three models in the range, the MonTech Mooney Viscometer MV 3000 is the leading test instrument for measurement of viscosity, scorching and stress relaxation on polymers and rubber compounds. The MV 3000 is suitable for quality control as well as research and development purposes with excellent repeatability and reproducibility due to […]

MDR 3000 Moving Die Rheometer

Rubber Testing The MonTech MDR 3000 Rheometer is a high-end instrument for QC and static R&D testing for a broad range of materials (from LSR, all kinds of elastomers to composite materials). These rotorless curemeters are equipped with a closed, sealed, bi-conical die system according to all relevant ISO, ASTM and DIN standards. During the […]

D 3000 Hardness and Density Tester

Rubber testing 2 instruments in 1: With the MonTech H&D 3000, hardness AND density testing of cured rubber samples is made simple, fast and reliable. Arbitrary test sequences are easily pre-programmed, samples are sequentially processed and test data is automatically collected, without the need for operator involvement. Due to the unique rotary tray design, no […]

Bale Cutter CP3000

Cartoning The MonTech laboratory bale cutter CP 3000 is the ideal tool for sample preparation in the laboratory environment, particularly for cutting polymer bales, blocks and rubber sheets. Operation made easy, safe and reliable: The bale is placed on the conveyor at the rear of the machine, and the desired portion / cut size is […]

Rubber Density Measurement

Rubber Testing The RD 3000 compression density tester provides a simple and convenient way to determine the density of raw polymers, masterbatches and uncured rubber compound specimens of any shape or geometry. The instrument features an integrated precision scale for accurately measuring the weight of the specimen. In a second step, all air trapped in […]

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