AiCROV, is a Spanish manufacturer of liquid filling systems for large format containers and are represented by Engelmann & Buckham in the UK. This year, AiCROV started one of its most ambitious projects. They have been awarded the tender for designing, manufacturing and commissioning a filling turnkey project for the new propylene products packaging plant for Bharat Petroleum, in Kochi Region, in India.


It is an unprecedented filling system worldwide due to its huge dimension and magnitude, which contains 4 filling lines and all lines have a total of 16 Robot Fillers designed by AiCROV, which will carry out different functions, such as drum transportation, debunging, filling, bunging, sealing and palletising drums filled with propylene products which are highly inflammable.


This new project includes a number of elements developed by AiCROV, such as the 3D artificial vision for the best optimisation process, safety developments and productivity improvements. The propylene products filling line is the end of a huge project carried out by Engineers of India, EIL, a design and manufacturing company which works on national Indian infrastructures.


In order to be able to undertake this huge project, AiCROV has extended its installations and moved its production centre to a new site with three times the old surface (2.000m2), 2 bridge cranes and a new Technical Office in which there are more than 20 highly qualified engineers. Once assembling has finished, an AiCROV team will move to India to manage the installation and commissioning of the 4 filling lines.