Sachet Machines – Multi-Lane, High Speed, Vertical

VFFS Our manufacturers are able to offer a selection of Sachet Machines to fit any production facility. We can offer Multi-Lane, High Speed, Vertical. These machines are perfect for packing small amounts of granules, powders, liquids, solids or pastes. The sachet format is becoming more and more important to manufacturers and consumers.

Stickpack Machine

VFFS The stickpack has many benefits and is an extremely versatile concept that can increase product shelf life both at the point of sale and at home. Stickpacks are very economical with film – using 40% less to package the same amount of product, meaning smaller boxes, lighter packages, reduced packing transport expenses, and carbon […]

Stickpack Machines – Ultra Clean, Dairy & Pharma

Stickpack Machines – Dairy Ultra clean stick machines suitable for aseptic, dairy and pharma industries. Our stickpack machines can pack a range of dairy products including yoghurt, soft cheese and Jelly. The stickpacks can then be packed in cartons for easy storage in the freezer or refrigerator. This ultra clean machine sterilizes flat foil through […]

Flow wrappers

Packaging Customisable and versatile flow wrapper solutions Flow wrapper machines are advanced packaging systems used to wrap products in a continuous flow of film. We can supply flow wrappers for any size business – small to large. They are also known as horizontal form-fill-seal (HFFS) machines, they are widely used in industries such as food, […]

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