Drum Filling

IBC & Drum Filling – Semi Auto & Auto

Drum filling machines for weigh filling of palletised containers (drums, IBCs, canisters, pails). Automatic and semi automatic


  • Semi automatic drum filling machine for palletized containers from 25 to 1500 kg capacity.
  • Automatic weigh liquid drum filling machine.
  • Manual container feeding. For small production outputs and/or frequent product and container type changes.
  • Interchangeable filling lances.
  • Available in ATEX version and below-surface filling mode version.
  • Portable machine.
  • Electro-pneumatic controls.
  • Installation not required.
Drum filling machine that is designed to be installed into a pallet conveyor line.


  • Semi automatic filling machine for 25 to 1500 kg capacity containers on a pallet.
  • Automatic weight filling.
  • Automatic pallet feed and evacuation thanks to roller or chain conveyors.
  • For medium production outputs or frequent product and container type changes.
  • Interchangeable filling lance.
  • The machine can control a conveyor line.
  • Available in ATEX version and immersion filling.
  • Electro-pneumatic controls.
Automatic weigh drum filling machine for drums and containers on a pallet.


  • Automatic weight filling machine for 25 to 1500 kg containers.
  • Automatic pallet feeding and evacuation through pallet conveyor (roller or chain).
  • Interchangeable filling lance.
  • For high production speeds.
  • Available in ATEX version and immersion filling version.
  • Quick configuration and startup.
  • Easy to use.
  • Highly reliable and durable equipment.
  • Filling height may be easily adjusted for use of different container types.
  • Easy, tool-less container size change.
  • Electro-pneumatic controls.
Automatic drum, barrel and container filling machine EL2-B

Fully automatic weight filling machine, designed to fill drums, barrels and containers ranging from 50 to 250 litres (compatible with plastic and metallic drums). The machine features two workstations: one which performs bunghole location and uncapping (optional feature) and the weight filling workstation. For large scale production, with a medium level of automation. In line automatic drum and container filling machine:


  • Automatic weight filling.
  • Automatic container feeding and evacuation.
  • For large productions, with a medium-high automation rate.
  • Container format may be changed easily and without need for tools.
  • Interchangeable filling valve.
  • Available in ATEX version.
  • Below-surface filling option available.
  • Electro-pneumatic controls.
  • Allows full control over a conveyor line.
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