TeachLine Extrusion System

Cartoning The COLLIN product series Teach Line Extruder includes single-screw extruders for the continuous plastification of polymers. The standard machines are table-top devices which unite high procedural variability with exact control of all parameters. Advantages High procedural variability Exact control of all parameters Compact table-top machine Materials Polyolefins Numerous technical polymers Max. temperature: 300°C Applications […]

Roll Mills

Polymer Testing Laboratory Two Roll Mills The Collin Lab Roll Mill is ideal for mixing all types of plastic and rubber material. The machine is widely used for research, development and quality control. With laboratory roll mills, quality and processing features of polymer material can be tested by discontinuously plasticising, mixing or kneading. The roll […]

Hot Presses

Polymer Testing Laboratory platen presses are used in the manufacturing of polymer sheets for optical and physical tests of moulded forms. Depending on the requirements, these machines are also suitable for composites, components or for embossing. Collin offer two hot press solutions: The Type E Series Platen Press is the entrance version. Economically designed system. […]

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