Moisture measurement and Analysis is Key

In the rapidly evolving plastics and bio-plastics industry, maintaining high standards of product quality, efficiency and compliance is a constant priority.

One crucial yet often overlooked factor in achieving these standards is the precise measurement and control of moisture content. At Engelmann & Buckham, we understand the critical role that moisture measurement plays in the production process and the overall quality of plastic products. Here’s why it is essential for the plastics industry.

Ensuring Material Quality

Excess moisture in plastic resins can lead to many quality issues. These include surface defects, reduced mechanical strength and poor dimensional stability. By accurately measuring and controlling moisture content, manufacturers can ensure that their products meet stringent quality standards, resulting in durable and reliable end products.

Enhancing Processing Efficiency

Moisture content significantly affects the flow properties and processing behaviour of plastic materials. High moisture levels can cause processing problems such as incomplete mould filling and visible defects on moulded parts. Accurate moisture measurement ensures that materials are in optimum condition for processing, leading to smoother operations, reduced downtime, and higher productivity.

Maintaining Electrical Properties

For plastics used in electrical and electronic applications, moisture control is critical. Excessive moisture can compromise the insulation properties of plastics, leading to potential electrical failures. Precise moisture measurement helps maintain the integrity of these properties, ensuring the safety and reliability of electronic components.

Improving Adhesion and Bonding

In applications where plastics are painted, coated or bonded with adhesives, excess moisture can hinder adhesion – resulting in weak bonds and potential product failures. By controlling moisture content, manufacturers can achieve stronger, more reliable bonds, enhancing the overall appearance and performance of the final product.

Consistent Product Weight

Moisture content can influence the weight of plastic products. Consistent moisture measurement helps ensure that the weight of the final product remains within specified tolerances, which is particularly important for applications requiring precise weight control, such as packaging and automotive components.

Preventing Hydrolysis

Certain polymers, especially those used in high-temperature applications like polyamides, are prone to hydrolysis in the presence of moisture. Hydrolysis degrades the polymer, reducing its mechanical properties and lifespan. Accurate moisture measurement prevents this degradation, ensuring the longevity and durability of the plastic components.

Compliance with Regulations

Many industries have stringent regulations regarding the quality and performance of plastic products. Moisture measurement is essential for compliance, ensuring that materials and final products meet required standards. This not only helps avoid costly penalties but also enhances the reputation and credibility of the manufacturer.

Cost Efficiency

Proper moisture control can lead to significant cost savings. By reducing waste, rework, and rejection rates, manufacturers can lower their material, labour and energy costs. Additionally, minimizing the risk of producing defective products that need to be scrapped enhances overall efficiency and profitability.

Ensuring Consistency and Predictability

Consistent moisture measurement allows manufacturers to predict the behaviour of plastic materials during processing and in the final application. This predictability leads to more reliable and uniform product performance, meeting customer expectations and reducing variability in production outcomes.


At Engelmann & Buckham, we recognise that moisture measurement is a critical aspect of the plastics manufacturing process. By investing in advanced moisture measurement technologies, manufacturers can ensure higher quality products, more efficient operations, and greater compliance with industry standards. As the plastics industry continues to innovate and grow, accurate moisture measurement will remain a cornerstone of successful manufacturing practices.

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