Lab Scale Mixing

Plastograph EC PLUS

The economical torque rheometer for mixers and extruders The Brabender® Plastograph® EC is the economical table-top version of the universal torque rheometer Plastograph® applied all over the world for application investigations in laboratories and simulation.

With its digital 3.8-kW motor, a torque measuring range of 200 Nm, and a speed range from 0.2 to 150 min-1, the Plastograph® EC is the perfect measuring drive for practice-oriented measurements with the Brabender® mixers and extruders for
• raw material and recipe development
• material testing
• quality control parallel to production
• optimization of the production process
• laboratory-scale production of samples for further investigations

See also the latest Brabender MetaStation 4 Torque Rheometer with web based software and remote access.

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