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Aseptic Filling Line

VMS-Maschinenbau GmbH is at the forefront of aseptic filling and sealing machines. They build product-flexible, machinery for a variety of containers, which are characterised by high product and process reliability in the filling process.

They specialise in filling cups, bottles and containers under their brand #KONTIFILL and they have customers all over the world. Their machines can be used for various filling products including dairy, jams, juices, desserts, mayonnaise, mustard and ketchup.

We offer three key machines from their range, the CUPLine, BOTTLELine and BUCKETLine.

The equipment provides customers with the highest level of hygiene standards up to log6 level. These seal-less piston fillers guarantee high filling accuracies for many years. Filling systems are Cleaning-in-Place (CIP) and Sterilizing-in-Place (SIP). The CUPline is a continuous motion, high performance (even with low viscosity products) fully servo driven filling system. In terms of product safety and hygiene the unit is fully enclosed in a “tunnel” where sterile air is fed selectively and air exchange between the outside environment and the enclosed sterile tunnel or room is significantly minimized and nearly eliminated.

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