E&B are now able to supply 3 and 4 layer mask making equipment to the UK market. The equipment, that is imported from the Far East, is ideal for any business looking to adapt in the current conditions or that wants to help in the fight against coronavirus.

If customers are urgently in need of face masks then we are are also able to supply KN95 and 3 ply masks. Initially, we brought a shipment of masks to the UK to donate to local healthcare providers that were running short of the right PPE equipment. However, after speaking to a number of these businesses, it became clear that there was an ongoing, and immediate, need for these masks. We were then able to source larger shipments of masks and supply these going forwards.

Tania McCullough, after-sales co-ordinator, preparing to donate face masks to local healthcare providers

We now have more face masks to donate after Easter, before we receive our larger commercial shipments. Please contact us if you would like to know more about our mask making equipment or need to purchase masks directly.

Contact: 01420 593680 or sales@buckham.co.uk