Wrapping Machine – Frozen Pizza

Shrinkwrapping Sitma 790 wrapping machine for frozen pizza constructed in stainless steel. This machine is equipped with a motorisation suitable to enable the machine to work at a maximum speed of 9,000 packs per hour (150 packs per minute). The line is able to operate with any wrapping material currently on the market including biodegradable […]

Envelope Enclosing Machine

Envelope Enclosing Sitma produce high capacity envelope inserters to meet the most demanding of production requirements. Designed with a unique combination of features that guarantee consistency, fast make-readies and high net throughput. These heavy duty machines enable a “24/7” operation. Engelmann & Buckham can help you to chose from a range of machines including; SM8, […]

Fast Pack & Fast Pack+

ecommerce packaging machinery

Intralogistics & Ecommerce The Fast Pack is a machinery solution for ecommerce and elogistics businesses. It forms part of an entire portfolio of e-commerce applications for packaging a wide range of goods: from industries like cosmetics and personal care, to clothing, electronics, books, music and media. A unique packing system with the ability to paper […]

Drop & Pockets Sorter

Parcel & Postal Sortation

Intralogistics & Ecommerce Enhance your eLogistics and intralogistics with drop pocket sorters We offer a range of various sorter models for flat items. Sitma’s modular tilt-tray sorters which are very flexible (processing  small books to large parcels) and are easy to install.  https://youtu.be/2KrnQy4vafU?si=yhh8VWYFWmh-LH8Y There are a range of innovations available for the ecommerce and elogistics […]

Tilt Trays & Cross Belt Sorters

Intralogistics & Ecommerce 740LTR Our access to ecommerce equipment means we are uniquely placed to help companies to innovate and and improve their operations in the mailroom and intralogistic sectors. Download PDF EasySort combines the quality and reliability with flexibility and ease of installation/transportation, fulfilling the fast growing demand of the logistics market. Thanks to […]

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