End of Line Automation

Case Erecting End of Line automation equipment including case erectors, case packers, case sealers, de-palletisers and palletisers An extensive range of End of Line automation is available across our range of manufacturers. Suitable for multiple industries, the impressive portfolio of equipment includes case erectors, case packers, case sealers, cartoners, de-palletisers and palletisers. Equipped with all […]

Case Packers

Case Erecting State-of-the-art case packer equipment designed to automate the process of packing products into cases. Case packers are innovative packaging solutions that improve productivity and reducing labour costs. We offer F.A.M.S case packers which are equipped with advanced technology, allowing them to handle various types of products, sizes, and packaging configurations with precision and […]

Case Packers – Wrap-around

Case Erecting Wrap-around case packers for Bakery, Baby Food, Beverage/Drinks, Canned Goods and Dairy We offer the extremely flexible F.A.M.S wrap-around case packer suitable for forming boxes around the product using flat blanks and / or tray. It is an integrated system equipped with a product feeding and positioning device, a flat blanks/ trays and […]

Case Sealers

Case Erecting Optimise your end of line automation with our range of automatic case sealers Automatic case sealers are efficient devices that streamline packaging operations by automatically folding and sealing corrugated cases. Our case sealers from F.A.M.s use advanced technology to ensure precise and secure sealing, reducing the risk of product damage and ensuring the […]

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