Absorptometer ‘C’ Carbon Black Absorption Measurement

Rubber Testing The new Absorptometer “C” Data Acquisition System determines Carbon Black oil absorption in compliance with ASTM D 2414 as well as ASTM D 3493 including new procedures B and C. The Absorptometer “C” Data Acquisition System consists of the following major components: • frequency inverter drive unit with precise torque measurement • high-precision […]

Hydro Tracer HT3 Moisture Tester

Moisture Analysis Brabender Messtechnik Aquatrac-V Moisture Meter for Plastics Described in ISO 15512:2019 “Plastics – Determination of water Content” as measuring method E. The water content of High-Tech plastic material has a great influence on the quality of the finished product. The test should be made swiftly on an instrument having a simple test procedure.AQUATRAC®-V […]

MetaStation 4E Modular Torque Rheometer

Lab Scale Mixing The Brabender MetaStation 4E Table Top Torque Rheometer: Compact, flexible and user-friendly With the new MetaStation 4E you can digitise your laboratory processes. The web-based laboratory management software MetaBridge is easy to operate via touchscreen. Increase the efficiency of your workflow with integrated functions such as access-controlled method selection, web-based support and […]

Plastograph EC PLUS

Lab Scale Mixing The economical torque rheometer for mixers and extruders The Brabender® Plastograph® EC is the economical table-top version of the universal torque rheometer Plastograph® applied all over the world for application investigations in laboratories and simulation. With its digital 3.8-kW motor, a torque measuring range of 200 Nm, and a speed range from […]

Stand Alone Single Screw Extruders

Cartoning Brabender® laboratory stand-alone extruders, available in 19mm or 30mm versions, are directly driven multi-purpose machines for testing and processing polymers as well as materials of the e.g. food-, building-, and pharmaceutical industries. Compact design and convincing technical features make these machines the ideal solution for applications in laboratories and small-scale production: • state-of-the-art fieldbus […]

Plasti-Corder®Lab-Station Modular Torque Rheometer

Lab Scale Mixing The Brabender® Plasti-Corder® Lab-Station / Lab-Station EC represent the new generation of torque rheometers for all kinds of process-technical investigations or processing tasks in laboratories and simulation. The Plasti-Corder® Lab-Station and Lab-Station EC are suited for mixers and extruders including a temperature control. The universal docking station ensures the adapting of mixer […]

Twin Screw Lab Compounder 20-40D

Lab Scale Mixing The Brabender Twin Screw Lab-Compounder KETSE 20/40 D has its own independent drive unit. With this integrated motor higher speeds (max. 1200 rpm, can be achieved. The solid design as well as the convincing technical features make the KETSE 20/40 the ideal solution for laboratory applications. The processing unit of the KETSE […]

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